Our Story

Who would have imagined an art gallery within a coffee shop? But that’s just what Good Mornings Coffeehouse is trying to create. Remember the days when coffee houses used to be a hub for the arts community? Poetry readings, amateur artwork hanging on the walls and local groups of artists used to be common at coffee houses. But now most coffee shops have lost that artistic ambiance that we all used to love. It seems that nowadays coffeehouses are packed with people working on their laptops and talking on their smart phones with no time for other things.

Bringing Community and Art Back to the Coffee House.

Good Mornings Coffeehouse is a new idea that will bring back the coffeehouse we used to know and love. We are putting together a uniquely styled coffeehouse that will have art and community at its heart.

For years, coffee houses and art have gone hand in hand. From poetry readings to book clubs to indie movie screenings, it seems that creatives are drawn to the smell of coffee or to something else in the air, perhaps something less tangible. This connection has come about naturally, and if you think about it even for just a moment, it makes a lot of sense. The coffee house is a relaxed environment, but at the same time, the stimulant properties of coffee itself encourage creative endeavors. Drink coffee, sit back, and wait for the inspiration to come coursing through your veins. That’s the real message you’re receiving when you take a seat on one of those stools or one of those love seats and breathe in those aromatic roasted beans.

Artists from the community will be featured on the walls of the Good Morning Coffeehouse Art Gallery. Our Artists will be members of the community or organizations, such as schools, and each exhibit will be kicked off with an artist reception for the budding artists and their family and friends. The art will be available for purchase, and all of the money will go straight to the artist. Good Mornings Coffeehouse is happy just offering the space to these individuals who are just starting out on their artistic journey.

For these reasons, what we are doing here is something totally different from the established concept of the coffee shop. Although we will be a for-profit business, we are on a mission to promote positive interactions in our community and to expand the accessibility to art for everyone who comes into our shop, no matter the reason.