Art changes people and people change the world!


The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection ~Michelangelo

Support Passion4Arts Project and Contribute Today!

Although we are a for-profit business, we are on a mission to promote positive interactions in the community and to expand the accessibility to art for everyone who comes into our coffeehouse. Please consider making a contribution to Good Mornings Coffeehouse Passion4Art Project. Your contribution and/or sponsorship will help us to establish Good Mornings Coffeehouse. It will enable us to present exhibitions about art from our local and regional artists, support our workshops and creative classes, the care and conservation of our invaluable collections and assists with exhibitions and installations.  

A portion of ALL proceeds will go in support of the organization Helping Children Worldwide CFC#44370 who are committed to transforming children’s lives in Sierra Leone, West Africa. In Sierra Leone, one of the world’s poorest countries located on the coast of West Africa, families struggle for sustenance, health, and education. They struggle to survive. Helping Children Worldwide’s programs lift families up out of poverty and the struggle, resulting in a direct impact on nearly 10,000 people each year. Their multifaceted approach impacts the lives of children and families through health care and education – two of the most critical factors in reducing poverty.

Please send contributions to:

Good Mornings Coffeehouse
Attn: Lynn Baker
PO Box 2353
Littleton CO 80161-2353

Seek out local artists through special showcases and events in your community

In Denver, local artists are fortunate to have opportunities like art crawls and coffeehouses where they can sell their pieces to their fellow community members. When you buy a piece from a local artist, not only do you have a unique work of art, but you have also supported someone within your community, rather than a corporation. This puts your money back into your local economy and helps your own community. Check out our ART BUZZ to see what events we have going on…

The Importance of Supporting Local Artists

At Good Mornings, we feel having a strongly defined local arts culture brings joy and beauty to a community. However, without the support of the citizens of that community, local artists can have a difficult time surviving. We feel fortunate and proud to be a part of the local Denver arts scene, and we support as many of our fellow community artists as we can. If you enjoy being a member of a city with a thriving arts movement, you may already understand the importance of supporting local artists; however, not everyone is aware how this support can make or break the local arts scene. We would like to tell you why it is so crucial to support local artists. Whether you prefer paintings, sculptures, music, dance, or theater, you should know that without your patronage, you may not be able to enjoy these artistic facets of your community.

Art can nurture the human spirit

According to the article “The Importance of Supporting Local Artists in an Urban Community” from Beck Ventures, a Dallas investment firm that sponsors several art projects in the Dallas area, Pablo Picasso once said, “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” What Picasso meant from his statement is that art appreciation can bring together people from all sorts of different backgrounds under one common factor. No matter your financial status or upbringing, you can always appreciate a piece of art.

A strong culture of art can enhance a community’s quality of life

Local art can bring a community together by giving its members personal enjoyment and intellectual stimulation while encouraging local involvement. Local art is even important for the economic growth of a community. Some feel that having an established art and culture scene within a community brings in a talented and bright labor force, which reinforces the idea that a strong movement of local arts and culture is a vital part of a community’s economy.

When you support a local artist, you are supporting the creative expression of your entire community

Without support from their fellow community members, local artists do not have the opportunity to create the impact they could have on the citizens of their community. You have probably heard the expression “starving artists” before, and sadly, for many local unknown artists, this expression is very true. Local artists need both financial and emotional support from their community to truly thrive and to continue to express their creativity.